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The benefits of a support group

Stella Cade shares her story of finding strength with her support group.
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Extremely Grateful for Health and Life

Beverly Torrance: “I’m extremely grateful that I am as healthy as I am and I that I have the life that I have.”
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Staying active with a disability

Juri Kameda shares her story of being diagnosed with ALS and staying active with her disability.
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Support groups help…because you talk about it

Sue Peeters shares her story of finding the San Francisco Bay Area Polio Survivor group.
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Living with Polio Then and Now

Shirley Morganstein shares her thoughts on growing up as a polio survivor and contending with post-polio syndrome.
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What are some self-assessment tests for PPS?

Clinical trials currently underway include treatments focusing on the immune system designed to flush out certain antibodies in the circulatory system.

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Searching for Answers

Jo Anne Brooks shares her story of finding hope among the post-polio community on
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Managing Post-Polio Syndrome

Rick Van Der Linden says the bi-level S/T ventilator he uses for up to 10 hours a day to alleviate his upper-body fatigue gave him his life back.
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Building a strong core to overcome weakness

Nan Kaufman shares her story of finding strength with yoga and pilates.
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